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Protect your home and business with Peak Services. If you’ve got a bird problem, inside or out, we have the experience and equipment to solve it.

Birds create all sorts of issues. Infestation and excessive droppings become a safety and health hazard, making surfaces slippery as well as spreading disease. If left unchecked, it can cause permanent property damage. Not to mention the maintenance, repair, and cleaning costs that are ongoing if you don’t seek a professional, permanent solution.

At Peak Services, we use proven industry methods and state-of-the-art equipment to remove the problem, clean it up, and prevent birds from causing trouble ever again. Our technicians are highly trained and educated on the most effective practices as well as habits and damage potential of specific bird species.

From preventative measures to full-on bird infestation, Peak Services’s got you covered.

Residential Birds Control Las Vegas

Residential Bird Control Services

A common industry mistake is addressing residential bird issues as you would an insect problem. We don’t make this mistake. Traditional pest control and bird control are NOT the same. They require completely different techniques and equipment. But they do have one thing in common: If left unchecked, they will lead to maintenance and home repair expenses that you don’t want.

This is why catching the problem early is always the best approach. No matter how long your issue has been going on, our bird proofing services will take care of it. Guaranteed.

To rid your home of bird problems, we use a proven 4-part method:

  • Eliminate safety and health issues. Bird droppings are linked to over 100 diseases and viruses. We eradicate all of these risks.
  • Environmental respect. Every chemical repellent we use is 100% environmentally friendly and none of our techniques harm the birds in any way. We use exclusion strategies based in common-sense that simply reduce shelter, water, and food sources.
  • Promote peace of mind. We don’t treat every job the same. Every case is unique and requires a custom-made solution. We’ll survey the property and create a personalized solution. Our work is 100% guaranteed.
  • Continue prevention. Our services are not one-and-done. We’ll come back to make sure your bird problems are gone, as many times as necessary at no additional charge. But in almost every case, one visit from Peak Services is enough.

Commercial Birds Control Las Vegas

Commercial Bird Control Services

Birds wreaking havoc on a commercial building is more common than you might think. They usually set up shop in and around the facility’s internal structures. Damaged roofings and loading bay areas are common entry points. Before you know it, droppings, feathers, and nests are all over the place. This is a major health hazard. On top of that, your brand and reputation take a hit when unsightly flocks of birds and their aftermath are constantly in view.
Common commercial bird-related issues include:

  • Droppings are corroding building material
  • Nests are blocking gutters
  • Roof tiles are being dislodged by the constant gathering of flocks
  • Aggressive behavior toward employees and customers
  • Insect problems (lice, ticks, mites, fleas) that lead back to the bird infestation.

If you’re having any of these problems, or think you might be, you need to get us out there to asses the situation.

solar panel bird proofing

Bird Guard

We have a variety of options that we utilize to customize a bird proofing solution specifically for you. All measures we take are categorized into one of five groups:

Exclusion solutions prevent nesting and roosting (strip doors, sheet metal, galvanized screening, or netting). These methods are also called bird fencing.

Perch modification prevents perching and roosting and encourages relocation (bird coil, spike systems, or wire deterrents)

Behavior alteration (smell repellent, taste repellent, or sound dispersal) safely conditions unwanted birds to avoid the area you want them to avoid.

Clean up services that remove bird debris and fully sanitize all affected areas. This is always done first, prior to installing any deterrent system. We clean under decks, along fences, wooded areas, lawns, and offices.

Connect Now!

Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. On that call, a technician will discuss with you your bird proofing situation. They’ll provide recommendations, a quote, and available appointment times. After service has been rendered, if required, we will return as many times as necessary to make sure you have no more problems. At no additional cost.

All of the techniques we use are humane, cost-effective, discreet, child and pet friendly, and environmentally sensitive. Whether we’re servicing your home or your business, you’ll experience almost no disruption or inconvenience at all.

We understand better than anyone the frustration that comes with serious bird issues. Trust Peak Services to eliminate the problem so you can return to being stress-free. Contact us today.

Solar Pigeon Proofing Las Vegas

Our Services

Solar Pigeon Control Las Vegas


Solar Pigeon Proofing Las Vegas


bird wiring

Bird Guards

Solar Bird Control Las Vegas

Flock Dispersal


At Peak Services, our job is to provide you with a clean and fresh ambiance. The ambiance free of dirt, soil and grime. We are experienced and professional when it comes to clearing the litter of birds and other pests from your premises. We know the nesting and falling items can lead to water damage by blocking the rain ribs and downsides. And, therefore, we make sure to provide you an inclusive cleaning service.

We ensure to strengthen and maintain your premises. We endeavor to build the “look and feel” of your business environment and care for the money you spend on our service. Our work ethos centers on your complete satisfaction as we believe it to be a necessary element in our success.

solar panel cleaning las vegas


Uric acid present on pigeon’s feces is particularly toxic and can cause substantial damage to the metals and other substrates. Pigeon flocks can cause both flooding and roof damage. To control diseases typically caused by these birds, our Bird Exclusion Service is critical.

Compassionate towards our customers, we focus on what matters and are able to do the job in hand. We know that the quality control is the key to customer satisfaction based upon our cleaning experience.

solar panel bird proofing

Bird Guard

There is a good possibility of having some pigeons if you have a barrel roof that leads to large gaps in soffit areas, like underneath the dormer couch in this area. It’s no issue for pigeons to push and shoot to get into different areas, and then push their way out into this pit.

The trap placement is essential to effectively capture birds and we have a long history of offering best traps. Our traps are not only strong but durable. They can hold the birds of a particular species in many places, including on the field, at the sides of the buildings, at walls and in trees. Nearly all bird traps are baited with the appropriate food to attract bird species.

solar panel bird proofing

Flock Dispersal

Make the most of our specialized flock dispersal services.

When it comes to the dispersal of flocks, we mindfully use cutting-edge tools and always use real, healthy and internationally recognized chemicals.

When you call and ask for our service, we assign a well-equipped team of staff to carry down the task as per your requirements; both the equipment and the personnel are matched with strict safety procedures.

What’s more, in an ongoing decision-making process, we involve you and always prioritize your opinions and requirements.

Solar Pigeon Control Las Vegas

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