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Pigeons and Solar Panel Concerns


Solar panel installation can be a wonderful thing for your home and for the planet in general. It can make your living space a lot more energy efficient. That’s how it can reduce your energy bills in a big way. If you care about reducing costs, sustainability and saving the planet overall, then the use of solar panels may be right up your alley. Note, however, that solar panels aren’t immune to problems. Pigeons are nuisances that can actually wreak havoc onto them. If you want to protect your solar panels from pigeons and all of their consequences, then these strategies may be able to help you do so.


Try Out Roof Spike Installation


Roof spike installation can be a lifesaver for property owners who have concerns that involve pigeons ruining their solar panels. Spikes stop pigeons from wanting to hang out close to your panels. If you want to stop pigeons from handling nest construction duties, roof spikes can work like a charm. They can stop pigeons from turning your property into a disaster zone.


Rely on Bird Mesh


If you want to keep pigeon solar panel destruction out of your thoughts, then it can help you significantly to rely on bird mesh. Bird mesh, in a nutshell, can close up the sections that are right below your panels. It attaches straight to solar panels and can stop pigeons from going forward with nest construction.


Prioritize Outdoor Space Cleanliness and Order


Do you want to naturally stop pigeons from wreaking havoc onto your solar panel system and property? If you do, then it can help you considerably to prioritize outdoor space neatness. Remember, pigeons are birds that call for sustenance and nourishment. If you want to motivate these birds to find other places to hang out, then you should go above and beyond to attain and maintain a pristine outdoor property no matter what. Eliminate any and all potential food supplies that are close to your structure, period.


It can also be wise to thoroughly clean your solar panels themselves on a consistent basis. If they’re tidy, then they’ll be nowhere near as vulnerable to invasions that are brought on by pigeons and their stool matter and nests. Frequent cleaning sessions can accomplish so much for you in the upkeep department. You should fix any and all mounting concerns that may pop up. You should fix any and all splits you spot as well.


Contact the Peak Services Crew for More Details About Solar Care and Maintenance


Do you want to know more about Bird Guard and how it can defend your solar panels? Do you want accurate details that involve professional bird control services? Call the affable and diligent Peak Services staff at any time. We can talk to you at length about all of your Bird Guard options. If you want to stop exasperating pigeons from harming your solar panels forever, then we’re ready to assist you. Contact the Peak Services team now.


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