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Solar Pigeon Proofing

solar panel bird proofing

Are pests or animals causing damage to your solar panel? These little mischievous creatures can chew through vital wires and put your entire investment of solar into rubble. Damage to your solar system caused by animals cannot be covered under any standard contractor warranty. You need to ensure the optimal protection of your solar against these uninvited guests.

If you’re motivated to prevent such issues, get the experts of Peak hired to address your unique solar maintenance needs. In one call, they will come and install high-tech non-intrusive bird barriers around the perimeter of your solar array.

Installing animal guard will help you get rid of pests and animals nesting under your solar panels and guard your solar system from animal damage.

  • Make contact with us.
  • Tell us your requirement and set the budget.
  • Professionally guard your system and maintain performance.
  • Relax and revel in your solar investment.

Fast Installation

With Peak Services, protection against animals and pest is possible. Our experts install Critter guards around the edges of your solar panels to prevent potentially large damages while maintaining a clean aesthetic for your roof. Specialized in one-day installation, our experienced installers provide a unique solution against these creepers in as little as one day or less. Call today to book an installation service.

Guaranteed Protection

We install a critter guard at an affordable price range and help protect your PV system from pest’s damages and the buildup of flammable materials

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing / Protective Barriers:

Effective, Affordable, Attractive.


Despite our expertise, we never claim to be perfect, we always ask you what’s right for you and pull out all the stops to satisfy your requirements. REVIEW OUR PLANS

What client say about us

My husband and I had been having bird problems from cooping under the solar panels… all their feces just fall in our backyard… and its hard to keep up cleaning it for we are always busy… it has been almost a  year now and we finally made a decision to call and get estimate… I […]

Great Service highly recommend these guys if you got pigeons going underneath your solar panels.  Rick was very helpful and did a great job he also gave me some good advice for my solar panels.

Mark (Yelp Review)


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