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Maintaining your Solar System
Solar Panel Bird Proofing Las Vegas

Since fossil fuels are destructive for the environment, you switched to solar panel and are now appreciating yourself for such a wise choice. Switching to solar was an absolutely right choice you’d made, but what about cleaning? Do you pay special attention to cleaning the panels? Or you take it for granted? If your answer is yes, then it will cost you in the future, and that future is very near.

You might be unaware of the fact that the panels get dirty over time which can affect their performance. They need regular cleaning and if not provided with careful attention they can get worse.

You can still make it right by getting in touch with us to take care of your Solar Panel Cleaning. Make contact with our expert team and get a reliable cleaning service at your place.

  • Make contact with us.
  • Tell us your requirement and set the budget.
  • Let us design and install your solar system.
  • Relax and revel in your long-term solar savings.

Personalized Panel Cleaning

We clean your solar panel as you want. We never use any product that harms your system. We also check the efficiency of your panel.

Solar Panel Inspection

We inspect your panel to ensure everything is working smoothly. In case of any issue, we immediately work on it and fix it for you.

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing / Protective Barriers:

Effective, Affordable, Attractive.


Despite our expertise, we never claim to be perfect, we always ask you what’s right for you and pull out all the stops to satisfy your requirements. REVIEW OUR PLANS

What client say about us

My husband and I had been having bird problems from cooping under the solar panels… all their feces just fall in our backyard… and its hard to keep up cleaning it for we are always busy… it has been almost a  year now and we finally made a decision to call and get estimate… I […]

Great Service highly recommend these guys if you got pigeons going underneath your solar panels.  Rick was very helpful and did a great job he also gave me some good advice for my solar panels.

Mark (Yelp Review)


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We believe Solar is the new way of life in the future. We help customers who embraced it maintain their solar systems.

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